Dexter Magazine is a print journal that celebrates the art of craft through curated words and photographs of makers at work. Stories of leather workers, welders, ceramicists and the like brings the discussion of urban craft to the forefront. Featured artists and makers include Rachel Ravitch, Mazama Wares, April Brimer, Pine & Boon, and many more.

Dexter is a collaboration between Lizzie Allen and Melissa Leith.

In our fast-paced modern world, handcrafted goods become an essential counterpoint to the mass produced products with which we surround ourselves. This mindset is a common thread throughout the urban craft community. Beyond simply making beautiful objects, artists and craftspeople create to add meaning to the ritual of daily living. Additionally, there is an understanding that making is not an insular activity, but instead requires constant feedback to enrich the practice.

So a community is formed. In an urban setting, makers and artists occupy space offered by industrial areas, consequently enriching economic and social patterns to form thriving creative hubs. In our own Seattle neighborhoods we have seen an upswing of creative people in recent years and a positive response from the public. Similarly, in other cities the cycle continues, spreading outward from neighborhoods to a larger global context.

Dexter seeks to be a platform to collect and share the philosophies and ideals of these urban makers.